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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tunes To Keep You Moving: Jessie J - Burnin' Up ft. 2 Chainz

Hey guys!

So this is definitely one of my new all time favorite songs.  Jessie J's latest album, Sweet Talker, has got a few awesome tunes but this is the one I always put on repeat.  Check it out and add it to your workout play list.  This song is guaranteed to keep you on the treadmill longer.  Enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Wishes #45


Hey guys!
I hope you all had a productive week.  This week was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me.  As a result, I gained a few pounds and ballooned up to 160 pounds mid-week!  Yikes! Despite this hiccups, I was able to get myself together and scratched a few things off of my To Do List. 

Here's a look at last week's goals:
1. Come up with a workout regimen - DONE. After hours of looking, I finally found a workout routine that excited me enough to want to start working out consistently.  I'll be following The Ultimate Female Training Guide which I stumbled upon on  It's a basic 4-day weight lifting split that consist of upper and lower body routines and 2-4 days of "Stubborn Fat Cardio" sessions.  There's also nutritional guidelines included in the article.  It's a great plan for beginners and folks like me who've fallen off the wagon and are looking to ease back into a routine.

2. Workout 3 Times This Week -  DONE.  I went to the gym twice for Cardio sessions on the treadmill and also did 2 days worth of Full Body weight circuits.  That's a total of 4 days of working out :-)

3. Track my workouts -  HALF FAIL.  I logged the weight workouts but totally forgot to track the cardio sessions.

4. No eating out - TINY FAIL.  I forgot to pack my lunch on Wednesday so I was forced to eat out. . . . BUT my food choices were pretty clean.

5. Stash some money into my savings account -  DONE.  Feels good to have a balance in the 3-digit range.

Here's what I have set for this week:
1. Start my new training routine:  I have to make sure I get  my 4 days of weight lifting (2-Days Upper Body / 2-Days Lower Body) and 2-4 days of "Stubborn Fat Cardio" in.

2. Track My Workouts:  Now that I have a routine, I have to keep track of what I'm doing so that I can make adjustments along the way and see my progress.

3. Meal Prep/No Eating Out:  I did some serious food shopping this weekend so there's plenty of clean eats around.  No need to be buying out at all this week.

4. Lose 1 pound: Like I mentioned above.  I hit the 160 lbs mark last week and that freaked me out.  It's been YEARS since I've seen that number on the scale and that scared the shit out of me.  I never want to see it again.   

5. Continue Adding $ To My Savings Account:  I have to keep the momentum going and have this amount grow.

What do you guys have planned for the week ahead?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Photo A Day Recap: Days #1 - #8

Hey guys,
So like I mentioned here, I'm giving Fatmumslim's November Photo A Day Challenge another shot.  However, this time around, instead of posting my photos on a daily basis on the blog, I'll be doing weekly recaps.  If you'd like to see my daily postings, you can check them out on my Instagram page.  

Here's a look at Day #1 thru #8:

Day #1: Something Blue - Nothing says blue like a pair of jeans. . . and a plaid shirt to boot!

Day #2: I Saw This! - One of my all time favorite movies. . . 

Day #3 Weather - Nice, sunny afternoon shot.

Day #4: Can't Live Without - I don't go a day without my Green Tea :-)

Day #5: 8 o'Clock - It's protein time!

Day #6: Made Me Smile Today - I love coming home to packages!

Day #7: On the Floor - A shot of a few of my workout essentials.

Day #8: A Place - I'm of the belief that a GOOD book can take you places. Here's one of my favs.

How are you all doing on the photo challenge? If you're following along, feel free to leave links to your Instagram or blog pages.  Let's share in the fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Ten Most Annoying People On The Subway

Hey guys!
Okay, so this post is going to be like a long complaint.  If you're not into that type of thing then you might wanna just leave....Are we good? Cool.  Let me explain. I was in a funky mood yesterday morning because I woke up late.  This rarely happens, but when it does weird and annoying things just happen to and around me.  Part of the annoyance came during my train ride to school that morning, thus my list of "The 10 Most Annoying People On The Subway".   If any of you use the NYC MTA system then many of the people listed here are going to sound familiar.  If you don't use the system then I hope that at the very least, this is amusing.  

Let's talk about it:
1. Travelers - Now when I say travelers I don't mean tourist (they're on this list too). Travelers can include native New Yorkers and these are the folks that bring their big ass pieces of luggage onto the train during rush hour.   They just stand there taking up WAY too much space and try to avoid eye contact with people because they know they're wrong.  I find them incredibly annoying because in my mind I'm thinking "Okay, you got the whole day to travel but you decide to do it now? When more than half of New York is trying to get to work? Brilliant!" These people make me wanna scream. 

2. Performers - When I take the train I wanna do one of three things: 1) Take a nap, 2) Listen to my iPOD or 3) Take a nap while listening to my iPOD.  That's it.  On this particular morning my iPOD was dead so I figured I'd just take a bit of a nap.  HA!  No such luck.  Why?  Because my commute turned into a carnival.  I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to just fall asleep when all of a sudden break dancers are blaring music and dangling off poles, or two guys with guitars start singing or some "preacher" starts yelling out scripture.  If they want to entertainment people why don't they just do it on the platform?  Give people the option to walk away man!

3. Tourist - The only reason why I don't like tourist is because they just get in the WAY.  It's as simple as that.  Walking among them is like being surrounded by a bunch of blind cows; they're slow and have no idea where they're going.  I lost an opportunity to get a seat because some wandering tourist stepped in my way. Aaaah!

4. Students - I don't necessarily have a problem with students specifically because I'm a student myself.  My problem is their book bags!  Like the luggage (See Travelers #1), book bags take up SO much space.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to contort my body in order to be able to hang on to a pole because some idiot wouldn't take his book bag off of his back.   Or my other favorite thing happens.  The train is crowded and I'm getting bumped every 30 seconds by some genuis' back pack. Uuuum, how 'bout taking it off?

5. The "Big Mouth" - This person is pretty much self explanatory.  This is that dude or dudette that is under the impression that the whole train actually wants to hear what it is that they're talking about.  We don't sweetheart, so please take a seat and just shut up!

6. The "Walking Club" - You know what?  You wanna listen to your music?  That's cool.  But if I'm forced to have to share the same space as you, I shouldn't have to be forced to hear it also.  You know what I'm saying?  In this day an age, just about everyone's got a cell phone or a iPOD that they listen to music from.  And yeah, some of those people may have the volume up loud enough that I can also hear it as well. Even that's fine by me because for some strange reason, I can still nod off to that.  BUT . . . . everyone once in a blue moon, they'll be this one dude that actually comes into the train with a little radio playing music aloud.  And to boot, it's NEVER any type of music I want to hear.  I find these guys incredibly annoying and just plain rude.  Their only saving grace is that they're never on the train for more than a few stops.  I'm assuming that's why I've never read about a guy having his radio slapped out of his hands in the paper.

7. The Food Eater - We all get hungry, ya know?  I can understand someone pulling out a fruit, candy bar, juice or a bag of nuts to munch on.  That's cool.  But you know what's not?  When people think it's all right to turn the train cart into their dining room.  They pull out their tupper ware or the fast food they just bought and fill the entire train with the stench of whatever it is that they're shoveling into their mouth.  And even IF the food smells good (which it rarely does), I just find it tacky to have an entire meal on the train.  But that's just me.  

8. The Starer - NYC is definitely a great place to people watch cause there's ALWAYS something going on.  But there's a BIG difference between looking at folks and staring at folks.  You guys know what I'm talking about.  There's nothing creepier than innocently glancing around the train only to have your gaze land on the weirdo that looks like he or she's been staring at YOU for a while. I mean, eventually they look away (Thank God!!), but no matter how many times this has happened, it still freaks me out. 

9. The Reader -  Anyone that's gotta travel through mid-Manhattan or the financial district knows who this person is.  This is the person that no matter how crowded the train is they have to completely open up their New York Times and take up unnecessary space.  These guys kill me because they actually don't care how annoying they are. 

10. The Make Up Girl - Okay this last person is actually more fascinating than they are annoying.  At least once a week there'll be an unfortunate woman trying to beat her face on the train.  My first thought is always why don't they just wait until they get to work to do it but then I realize the whole point is probably so that no one they know sees them without their face on.  Anyway, the whole thing turns into this huge spectacle because most of the cart watches them work in total awe and admiration.  You gotta love New Yorkers.

Can you guys think of anymore people to add to this list?  Let me know in the comment section.  You know I love to hear from you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Words of Wisdom: November 2014

"Success isn't always about greatness.
It's about consistency.
Consistent, hard work gains success.
Greatness will come."

~ The Rock

Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekly Wishes #44


Hey guys! 
Happy Monday!
It's a brand new week and with that comes a whole new set of goals to achieve.  With that said, let's jump right into what I have planned for myself this week:

1. Come up with a workout regimen - One of the ways I stay motivated to workout is to have a plan laid out for myself that I can follow.  That was part of the reason why I was able to stay on P90X3 for as long as I did.  However, I've also noticed that I actually enjoy being in the gym, which also explains how I ended up losing interest in P90X3 as well.  With sooooo many different types of workouts and programs readily available online, it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming to find something that will actually work for you.  This is what I have to work on.  I have to keep searching until I find something that I know will challenge me and that I'll also enjoy doing.  Wish me luck.

2. Workout 3 Times This Week -  Regardless of what type and when I'll find this workout regimen I still have to keep myself physically active.  Whether it's Yoga, a HIIT workout on Youtube or dusting off a workout DVD I gotta get 30 minutes of exercise in 3 times this week. Period. End of story. No excuses.  I'm starting to notice that I get winded going up the stairs in my house.  That's a damn shame.

3. Track my workouts -  I've also mentioned before that writing things down is also another way I like to stay motivated, so looks like I've gotta hunt down a great workout log.  Do you guys have any suggestions?

4. No eating out - This past weekend, when I noticed I had no cash in my wallet, is when it occurred to me that I eat out WAY too often.  I'm sure that this is also part of the reason why  my weight has creeped up to a number I don't like.  It's bad enough that I've gained a couple of pounds.  I don't need to be broke on top of that too.  That's not cute.

5. Stash some money into my savings account -  And speaking of being broke . . . the money I'm not spending will go to fattening up my savings account as opposed to my thighs!  It's a win, win situation all around :-) 

What are some of your goals for the week?  Let me know in the comments section. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Monthly Hair Porn: November 2014

Hey guys!
It's been a hot minute since a Monthly Hair Porn and this one's dedicated to one of my favorite accessories . . .Hats!  But not just any type of hat. I'm talking about the classy, large brim, wool hats that have been all the rage this past Fall.  Check out these lovely naturals sporting this latest trend.  Enjoy!
As always, all photos are courtesy of the Hi! I'm Currently Obsessed tumblr site.