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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Better Body, Day#2 - Clean Eating

Hey guys!
So today's goal was to eat clean . . . and that I did.  Check out today's menu:

Note: Soon as I woke up I drank 20 oz. of water
Meal #1 (10:30 a.m.) - 8 oz water, (2) Slices of Toasted 7 Grain Bread, 5 egg whites scrambled with 1/4cup of red onion mixed in & 1 cup of Green Tea

Meal #2 (1:30 p.m.)- SNACK: 1cup of Cabot Greek Low-Fat Yogurt (strawberry flavor), handful of cashews & 20 oz. water

Meal #3 (4:00 pm) - (2) Multi-Grain English Muffin Pizza, 20 oz. water with Crystal Light

Meal #4 (7:00 pm) - SNACK: Clif Builder's Bar (Cookies & Cream), 20 oz. water

Meal #5 (10:00 p.m) - 1 scoop of Casein Protein mixed with 16 oz of water

As long as I know what I'm going to eat, getting through the day is pretty easy.  I noticed that when I'm forced to improvise my meals,  that's when BAD decisions are made.  I get lazy, irritable or both and end up reaching for something I know I'm going to regret later. 

Lesson Learned Today: Planning your meals helps you stay on course. 

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