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About The Blogger . . .Hi my name is Icela.  Besides writing, I have many and diverse interests.  I am creative, fun, passionate and LOVE to learn as many new things as possible.  Along with Fitness, some of my other passions you'll see displayed here will be photography, film making, cooking, shopping and traveling.

Why A Blog . . . Shapely Alterations was officially born in December 2010, but with  a slightly different agenda than what you see now.   Originally, I needed a creative outlet and challenge so I figured why not chronicle my journey back into shape and the several discoveries that are sure to come along with it.   But as the months progressed I realized that fitness wasn't the only information I wanted to share.  I turned 35 this past February (2011) and feel as though I'm embarking on a new chapter of my life.  This chapter includes growth in every sense of the word and this blog will be a reflection of that transformation.